Eid ul Adha also known as ‘The Feast of Sacrifice’ is one of the biggest and famous religious festivals of the Islamic world. It is also called the Feast of the Sacrifice and occurs after the completion of the hajj or the holy pilgrimage to Makka.

    Before the onset of the festival, let us examine some unique ways in which we could improve the appearance of our homes and increase the joy.

    Below are some exciting and unique decorations to use during Eid ul Adha to make it festive, especially paper hanging decorations.

    Vibrant Colors

    Eid ul Adha is one of the greatest festivals in the Islamic world, using bright colors to decorate will instantly change the mood. They should be saturated and include deep red, golden yellow, emerald green, royal blue etc. So, it is possible to apply these colors in ornaments, tissues, cushions, tablecloths, napkins, and many other things that will shower the guests with festive spirit.

    Traditional Elements

    Incorporate traditional elements into your Eid ul Adha decorations to add cultural authenticity. Table and standing lanterns are made to be hung or put on a table or shelf to give the warm light. Religious verse or Islamic calligraphy artistic paintings and Islamic arts like the Islamic tapestries can be put. Hang crescent and star on the walls since these symbolize the Islamic heritage.

    Welcoming Entrance

    Attempt to make a long lasting impression by doing your entrance or door way area decoration. As you enter your house, you can hang a beautiful wreath with artificial flowers, leaves or any colorful ribbon. A small decorative table near the door of the house can be supplemented with a vase with fresh flowers or a candle with tea scent.

    Table settings and the area allocated for dining have also been found to play an important role on consumers’ perception of restaurants.

    As you already know, Eid ul Adha is a time when families invite their friends and relatives over for a big meal, so it is important that you focus on your dining area, as well as the table decor. Introduce beautiful table covers, napkins and runners in attractive colours and engraved patterns. You can also use flowers and candles to make decorative centrepieces for the wedding reception. Tableware that follows certain themes or pattern can be good for enhancing the festive flavor.

    Festive Lighting

    Use of different forms of light around the house will create a magical feel. Bring in fairy lights or string lights to brighten windows, walls or doorways with a warm glow. Lanterns and candle holders can complement your living areas and make them warmer and more intimate. For safety purposes, it is recommended to use LED candles that do not burn instead of those with a real flame.

    Scented Delights

    Bring the joyful vibes and add a touch of the delightful scent during the festive time. Burn cakes which are customary during occasions such as birthdays and other celebrations. Fragrances from scented candles or from warmers for oil diffusers can also be pleasant such as rose, jasmine or sandalwood.

    Eid ul Adha Paper Hanging to Decorate at Home

    Involve your family in creating DIY Eid ul Adha paper hanging decorations that reflect the spirit of Eid ul Adha. Some ideas include:

    1. Origami Stars and Geometric Patterns: Make star shapes and Islamic geometric patterns using pretty tissue papers. What you need to do is to hang these decorations in groups in different areas of your home.

      2. Henna Handprints: Collect papers of different colors and cut out handprint shapes, and draw henna-like patterns on them. Connect these items to make a special chain.

      3. Chinese Lantern Chains: Use papers to create chains of smaller, colourful lanterns. These should be placed in the doors or across the rooms to enhances the holiday mood.


      With the help of these ideas on how to DIY decorate your house for Eid ul Adha, such as coloring, traditional motifs, welcoming doors, royal table, beautiful diya, paper hanging decorations, and scented items, you can have a great mood at home. These decorations will not only make the space appear beautiful but also depict the bonds of Eid ul Adha creating a memorable celebration for all. Thus, if you are looking forward to making a one stop center for the Islamic décor and the requirements of the Eid ul Adha decorations, paper hanging decorations and other such related issues, then the party that we are going to host will definitely make it a lifetime experience for you and your family.