If you are, like most other commercial fleet owners and managers, looking for the most comprehensive camera system for your trucks, there are a few things you should know. While budgets, nature of business, and your unique needs may differ from those of others, there are a few non-negotiables when it comes to choosing the right commercial truck camera system.

    Today, let us discuss five essential things that you just cannot compromise on while investing in a new commercial truck camera system along with examples of truck dash cameras and 360 degree systems that stand out from others in the market because of these must-have features.

    1. A multi-camera setup

    A comprehensive commercial truck camera system must provide you with multiple camera inputs so that you have the best possible view and visibility of the surroundings of your vehicle. With a multi-cam setup, you can assess the right spots for installing each camera and then strategically place them on all sides of the vehicle (dash, rear, sides, cargo area, etc.). Doing so will help you negate blind spots to a large extent, thus eliminating the risk of accidents.

    A great example of a comprehensive backup cam system is the RVS-770613. It includes a 7-inch TFT LCD digital color monitor that can accept feeds from four different cameras, so you can customize your setup according to your needs and preferences.

    • HD truck dash cameras

    High-definition or HD cameras are a no-brainer if you wish the feed to show you the finest quality of live footage or recorded footage in a variety of lighting conditions. For drivers, HD cameras are a boon because they relay crisp images in real time, helping them identify and circumvent potential obstacles like people, vehicles, or objects. If you are a fleet owner or manager, investing in high-quality HD cameras is a must because they directly and indirectly assist the driver to make smarter decisions and drive safely.

    Opt for a camera system that promises a weatherproof high-definition camera that also comes with night vision capabilities, like the RVS-155W wireless backup camera system.

    • Digital video recording capabilities

    Digital video recording or DVR is an indispensable aspect of modern-day vehicle cameras that you just cannot afford to overlook. If you want peace of mind in case of attempted thefts and on-the-road accidents, having solid video evidence can really help. For fleet managers, a truck dash camera with DVR capability can help them train their drivers better and also collect evidence to settle disputes and legal liabilities in the case of such unfortunate incidents. Knowing that this feature is present can also make your drivers more accountable and responsible.

    The RVS-155W-DVR wireless backup camera system brings together an HD camera that supports DVR and enables nonstop video recording along with playback whenever required.

    • Instant alerts and notifications

    Another must-have feature in our list is the real-time alerts that can give you instant notifications of any potential hazards while you are driving. This real-time system can significantly improve your driver’s response time, thus preventing accidents, injuries, and damage to the vehicle or others on the road. Did you know that 87% of crashes in the United States happen due to an error committed by the driver or because of risky driving behavior, according to the National Surface Transportation Safety Center for Excellence (NSTSCE)?

    Smart camera systems like the RVS-155W-FCT front collision warning system use highly advanced sensors and built-in algorithms to detect forthcoming threats, imminent forward collisions, lane departure warnings, etc. With visual as well as audio alerts, this one is a lifesaver, quite literally.

    • Remote fleet monitoring

    Remote monitoring integrated into the commercial truck camera system or a cloud-based tracking system can enable you to track not only the location of your vehicles, but also the performance in real-time. As a fleet owner or manager, this feature is a great way to keep an eye on all your vehicles when they are on the move. You can also analyze things like driving behavior, route optimization, fuel efficiency, etc. and make smarter decisions to improve your operational efficiency and cut down on unnecessary costs. 

    The RVS-SECURITY fleet tracking system is a cloud-based setup that helps you monitor your vehicles remotely. Get real-time notifications about the location, speed, fuel efficiency, routes, and maintenance scheduling for all your vehicles.

    An all-round commercial truck camera system for your fleet must have the features mentioned above, apart from the usual ones that you expect from any high-quality camera – easy installation, strong connectivity, and weather-resistant hardware. If safety, accountability, peace of mind, and efficiency are the things that matter to you the most, Rear View Safety’s entire range of vehicle camera systems can help you ensure all of them.

    At Rear View Safety, we put all our dash cameras through rigorous testing to ensure the highest possible quality. Our mounts are small, secure, and easy to install, thus saving you the headache of figuring out how to mount a camera on your vehicle. Our complete range of truck dash cameras and rear view cameras is built to withstand a wide array of extreme weather conditions. They don’t overheat despite working 24×7. We offer a one-year warranty on our products, apart from on-demand support and exceptional after-sales service.

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