Engagement rings symbolize the neverending bond, commitment, and eternal love.

    It is something that you and your partner are going to wear for the rest of your life. These reflect your bond and companionship, the loyalty towards each other.

    That’s why you must forge this with the finest, most durable, and most beautiful materials. Even though diamonds are the most precious and obvious choice that comes to mind when considering gemstones for an engagement ring, there are so many glorious options you can consider to stand out as well.

    Here, we will explore all our options when it comes to selecting the best gem for an engagement ring, including diamonds as well.

    Diamonds vs Other Gemstones 

    As we said, diamonds are the most popular choice for gemstones with engagement rings, so it’s only fair we start with this!

    These are the hardest and most durable substances that naturally occur on the planet, which also signifies the eternal love and bond for a relationship.

    Solitare diamond engagement rings are some of the most sought-after engagement rings, making diamonds a traditional consideration.

    Are Diamonds A Gemstone?

    Diamonds are considered gemstones as they fall in the same category as other gemstones, which are defined as naturally formed crystals created from a compound or material.

    However, what makes a diamond different from other gemstones is that it is produced from just one single element, high-pressured carbon, whereas other gems are compounds of two or more components.

    How About Considering Colored Diamonds?

    Now, this is a great balance between going for a traditional gemstone diamond for your engagement ring but with a twist in its appearance.

    On one side, Colored diamonds offer you the traditional brilliance and hardness of 10 with scratch resistance better than any diamond; other side, with its color-changing ability, you have versatility and uniqueness as well.

    There are many colored diamond options for you to choose such as pastel green, canary yellow, black, champagne, pink and more. The most expensive colored diamond is elegant blue.

    Want to learn about diamond colors?

    What Are Gemstone Engagement Rings?

    When we are talking about specific gemstone engagement rings, it is basically a type of engagement ring with a non-diamond center stone.

    These are often designed with traditional ring settings like solitaires, three-stones and halos. However, many couples also prefer to go for non-traditional settings as well.

    Not all gemstones are ideal or perfect for an engagement ring. It is not that you cannot use all types of gemstones but due to low durability or more softness, they are prone to get damaged. Remember, an engagement ring is something that you will wear every day in your life, so it has to be robust, durable and yet beautiful.

    What are Benefits of Gemstone Engagement Rings?

    Benefits of using gemstone engagement rings are:

    • These are more diverse and available in various varieties.
    • They are bigger in size, and more shapes are available.
    • These are lower in cost as compared to diamonds.
    • These are way more vibrant, colorful and fancy than diamonds
    • These gems have more symbolic meaning and are more expressive. 

    Best Gemstones To Choose For Your Engagement Ring

    Let’s explore the top choices for gemstones you should consider for your engagement ring:


    Sapphire is known to be a gemstone of royalty and elegance. Notable royalty and celebrities such as Penelope Cruz, Empress Josephine, and Elizbeth Hurley are seen to be wearing sapphire gemstone engagement rings.

    They are the hardest natural gemstones among non-diamond options, with a hardness of 9 on the scale. It is also known to be one of the most sought and expensive gemstones in the world.

    These gems are known to show pleochroism, i.e., two different colors that change from different view of angles.


    Rubies are also a gemstone that looks dazzling on your engagement ring. These are coveted red varieties of corundum, known to be amongst the hardest minerals. Apart from their durability, they are breathtakingly beautiful. They are perfect for representing romance, love and passion.


    Another excellent gem option for your engagement ring is emerald, which is as famous as the “jewel of kings.” These come with gorgeous greens ranging from light to deep and dark shade.

    With a Mohs hardness rating of 8, emerald is quite durable and scratch-resistant. However, you do need to take special care of the gem. The inclusions and fractures are unique on every emerald stone. When you are choosing emeralds, make sure to pay extra attention to the color and rarity of the gems.


    Topaz is a gemstone with high versatility and variety of colors and cuts to choose from. These gems are ideal for people who are looking for vibrancy and diversity and are more expressive towards claiming love for their partner.

    It rates nine on the Mohs hardness rating, where it is durable enough to wear it on a daily basis.


    Another great choice for people with unique preferences is the gemstones for their engagement ring. These goes perfect with any setting or type of ring ranging from solitaire to any coordinates jewelry.

    The colors of this gem will give you a reminiscent of aquatic life, hence the name. If you are someone who associates yourself with water or oceans, then this gem will be perfect for your personalized jewelry style statement.

    What Gemstones To Avoid For Engagement Rings?

    Some gemstones are not durable enough and prone to scratches and damage. These gemstones are better to avoid for engagement rings. Opal, pearl, Morganite, Tanzanite, and Amethyst are some of the worst gemstone considerations for engagement rings women or men.   

    Buy The Best Gemstones For Your Engagement Ring With Us!

    Choosing the right gemstone depends upon your preference for durability, color, brilliance, versatility and cost. Ideally, you would want to pick a gemstone nearest to the traditional choice, the diamond with the maximum Mohs Hardness rating possible in case of brilliance and durability.

    The top choices for gemstones for an engagement ring are Sapphire, Rubies, Emerald, Topaz and Aquamarine. We, A.JAFFE, offer a diverse range of the most popular and unique gemstones for engagement rings in various ring settings, styles and combinations.