Everyone loves the taste of delicious food and looks for the best places from where we can have it. Spending money over tasteless food makes us feel regret and absolutely unlucky. Thus, today in this article we will talk about a world famous Dhaba, where you will get the best quality and mouth watering food. The Amrik Sukhdev is one of the most popular Dhaba, where you can enjoy your meal especially while having road trips. Hope you might know about it already as it is famous around the world. If not, then here we have covered each aspect of the dhaba like its history, speciality, ways of reaching there along with the contact details. So, let’s read the article given below. 

    Overview of Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba

    Amrik Sukhdev is a well known Dhaba which stands on the 23rd position of world rank in the list of 150 most legendary restaurants in the World. Here you can have several delicious items, and enjoy the taste that brings happiness inside you. There are various people admiring it because of the taste, speciality and staff it has. People can enjoy their meal while resting on the Charpai allotted by them. The environment of the dhaba is so peaceful and eye-reliving as the meals are decorated well and the staff is helpful towards their customers.  It also offers some hotels that customers can use for staying a long time, while having a trip. It provides lavish rooms with attractive decor and absolutely delicious food.

    History of Amrik Sukhdev 

    The Dhaba was first established in 1956 by Sardar Prakash Singh at GT road, Murthal. It was made with the Tripal or tent and the wooden poles. The aim of the opening was fulfilling the need for food for Truck drivers. Additionally, he managed some Charpais there for them to have rest. Later on, his both sons Amrik SIngh and Sukhdev Singh took care of the Dhaba and named it as their own names. Firstly, they began servicedal roti, sabzi and rice and the food was served to the charpais. 

    After some time, the Amrik Sukhdev gained popularity among truck drivers as they used to come and rest on the charpai of the dhaba along with enjoying their meals. With passing years, they extended their facilities and menu and started being known among food lovers. then some of the long route buses like delhi to punjab or himachal begin halting at this dhaba. After that, the local people and other food lovers from various places of North India started coming to the dhaba to have a taste of its food. 

    Seeing that success, they implemented their menu list and added Parathas and served them with butter. In recent times, its parathas are becoming popular around the world. They made required changes into the dhaba as it started becoming more famous and now it looks as a brand new place or a food hub because of its classic decor and pleasing hospitality. It also provides North and South Indian food as it was added into the menu after the huge success of the dhaba. Now, they are adding all flavors of the world into their menu whether it is chinese, continental food or sweet dishes. you can get all of your favorite food with an amazing taste. 

    Amrik Sukhdev Menu

    The dhaba offers a profound collection of desi and videshi food on the menu. However, it is best known for its parathas, but there are a range of dishes available on the menu that you can checkout through the official website or by clicking on the link. 

    Speciality Of The Dhaba

    The specialty of this Dhaba is the taste of the food and its ingredients. The meals on its menu are mouthwatering and mind refreshing as well. Here we have mentioned some points below that makes it different from others

    1. They use Desi ghee, Peanut Oil and mustard oil in all kinds of cooking.
    2. The food of the dhaba is cooked in Brass utensils. 
    3. The parathas and rotis are prepared with whole wheat flour.
    4. They use only Ro filtered water.
    5. They use rock salt or Sendha Namak on their food. 

    Ways to Reach Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba

    If you are willing to reach the Dhaba from Delhi then you can choose the route of ISBT Kashmiri Gate Bus stand from where you can get the bus for the dhaba. As it is 53.8 Kms far from the dhaba. Also, if you are choosing the metro route then there is no metro line developed in Murthal Village. But, you can visit Jahangirpuri metro station from where you can easily get the cabs that will take you directly to the dhaba. The information regarding these routes are taken from trusted sources. Thus, you can use the google map for having a better insight.

    Contact Details

    If you are willing to contact to the Dhaba for any kind of assurance or help then you can check out the contact details that we have given below as it can be helpful for you to reach to the team of the dhaba: 

    Phone Number090530 00285
    Email Addressamriksukhdevofficial@gmail.com
    Address52.250 km Stone G.T. Road, Murthal, Distt. Sonipat, Haryana-131039


    In this article we have talked about the popular food spot Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba, where you can find all the tasty food that you are willing to have. Through the article you can check out the history and the journey of the dhaba. We have mentioned the speciality and the ways of reaching the dhaba along with the contact details that you can use for connecting to the owner or to the team. Well, we have tried to collect all the informative details regarding dhaba, also you can visit the official website for a better accuracy.


    Who is Amrik Sukhdev owner?

    Sardar Prakash Singh was the founder of the dhaba.

    What are the opening hours of the Dhaba?

    The dhaba remains open for 24 hours. 

    What is the seating capacity of the dhaba?

    500-600 people can sit at a time. 

    How many members are there at this dhaba?

    Around 300 members are there at this dhaba.