The industry of truck transportation is quite interesting worldwide but especially in Bangladesh. Until a few years ago, the industry was outdated and disorganised and was full of issues like middlemen issues and the use of the traditional way of truck booking. The industry used to work in isolation without making use of digital tools. This used to cause problems for both customers and truck operators. Customers used to have a hard time finding and hiring trucks for their use, and the truck drivers and owners struggled to find their customers. But times have changed now and due to the development of truck booking platforms like truck booking apps and websites. This makes the operations of the industry even more simple.

    In this article, we will have a look at the various benefits of truck booking platforms and its impact in Dhaka. Keep reading!

    What are Truck Booking Platforms?

    There are two major ways of booking a truck rental Dhaka. The first is the physical way of booking trucks, where you have to visit truck booking offices in Dhaka in person. This can be tiring, time-consuming and people might face problems in finding a truck booking office nearby. The second way is online, using truck booking platforms like apps and websites in Dhaka. With these platforms, you can just enter your needs in a form that the app will provide, these forms will take all the details of your requirements. After this, the app/website will connect you to truck drivers. This makes it easy to book a truck from home or work.

    The Advantages of Utilising Truck Booking Platforms in Dhaka

    Truck booking platforms in Dhaka offer various advantages. These are:

    • Easy & Convenient 

    Booking trucks through online truck booking platforms in Dhaka is very simple. You just need to follow the website’s instructions to enter your needs and requirements. By entering the pickup and delivery locations, you can easily find nearby carriers. This makes the process smooth and benefits both the customers and the carrier. 

    • Affordable Booking Rates

    Booking trucks through a mobile app or website can be very cost-effective for customers in Dhaka. Customers have the access to compare different truck transporters in the area and choose the one that suits them the best. And we also have the fact that many transporters compete for business so they offer good prices. Plus, customers can also find discounts on these online platforms. 

    • Live Tracking

    In the traditional way of truck booking, it was hard to know where your items were in Bangladesh when you booked a truck. Now, with the help of online truck booking platforms, customers can easily use GPS to track their deliveries and the status of their trucks. This feature makes it easy and transparent, making sure that the deliveries are made on time.

    • No Middleman Fees

    By using truck booking platforms, customers can book trucks directly without the need of a broker or an agent in Dhaka. This is because these platforms allow you to deal directly with the transport company. Plus, without a middleman, communication is clear and easy and you will not be required to bear the middleman costs. 

    • Access Records/Data of Transportation

    By using truck booking platforms, users can easily see their past truck bookings online, including the history, types of cargo, dates and other important details. This is why there is no need to keep physical receipts or documents; you can access all the information just by logging into the website. This is why using online truck booking platforms like Porter Logistics Dhaka is convenient. 


    Online platforms for booking rental trucks play a very important role in the lives of people and companies needing to move things in Dhaka or throughout Bangladesh. These platforms have grown a lot in recent years and may become even more popular due to the various benefits they offer. This industry will definitely grow even more. So, Happy Trucking!