Having a glass of traditional beer is a way to have fun on any occasion. However, pairing traditional lagers with foods will be more enjoyable. The mild flavours and crispness of lagers complement different types of dishes. You may experiment with different foods while having the beer.

    Spicy dishes

    Most people like to make a pairing of the beer and spicy dishes. They want to enjoy buffalo wings with the drink. But, Mexican and Thai cuisines are also a perfect choice for beer lovers. The light lager and spicy foods will make a balance. The beer has hops to control the spiciness. When you enjoy a spicy regional food, you may pair it with regional beer. It will provide the most cohesive experience.

    Chocolate dessert

    Some consumers prefer having a chocolate cake at the end of their meals. But you may also pair this dessert with the lager beer. The dark, rich chocolate will match well with the beer. Dryer varieties of beer will not taste good with the dessert. That is why you can choose the fruity, light lager beer and create a contrast.

    Fried foods

    A bowl of French fries and light lagers can be the best pairing. The crispiness and carbonation of lager beer will cut through the intense richness of fried items. You may also try out fried calamari and onion rings with a glass of lager beer. Some people like to have fried fish with beer.

    Pizza and pasta

    Cook a veggie pizza and pair it with lager beers. Different flavours of vegetables will give you a refreshing experience. The flavours of pasta will also complement lagers. Consider choosing some lighter toppings for these dishes.

    You can also prepare pasta with beer. The beer has yeast, which will bring out the pasta’s grainy textures. On the contrary, a classic pizza has a light flavour and is served best with the lager beer. This beverage will not overpower the simple ingredients used in pizza.


    With your light, green salads, you can drink a glass of beer. A fresh green salad is crisp and tastes well with American lagers. You should not choose any heavy drinks with the salad. If you have considered heavier dressing, you may consider having a heavier beer.

    How To Pick The Right Food Pairing With Lagers

    Beers are available in different styles, and you can choose one that works with your dishes. You will get flexible pairing options with traditional beers. Check the alcoholic content of your beer before deciding on the food.

    Most beers are bitter, and they are perfectly paired with classic fatty and rich bar foods. Salty and oily dishes are the best pairings with beer. Thus, fried chicken and grilled cheese sandwiches are the most popular foods for beer lovers.

    Dishes with lighter flavours are a perfect match with lighter beer.

    So, these few tips will help you find the right foods to create your pairings with lager beer.