Artificial Intelligence. This is what we all are talking about nowadays. Well, why not after all it has made our lives easy and simple to live. It has solutions to almost every arisen question. Well, there are many AI tools which are available to ease our problem in a snap of a finger. Similar to this one such AI tool is Vizard AI. A perfect video editing and creating artificial intelligence tool. So, here in this article we are going to talk more about this AI tool. In order to understand its features, working and more, keep Reading!

    Overview On Vizard AI

    Vizard AI is a tool that allows people to make videos easily. It is suitable for anyone who makes a lot of content. Such as marketers, video creators, podcasters, trainers, consultants and agencies. It’s really good for taking long videos and turning them into short clips. That one can share on social media like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. It is a tool one can use online that uses smart technology to help you make amazing videos. It recognizes what is said in the video and who is in it. This means that one can make videos that have subtitles or that are all clearly visible in the video. It’s easy to use, so you don’t need to be an expert to make a good video.

    Characteristics Of Vizard AI

    The main limelight of the AI tool is the feature it consists of. So mentioned below are a few of the characteristics of Vizard AI tools.

    • Intelligent Video Editing: Uses artificial intelligence to edit videos and automatically transcribe audio in 18 languages.
    • Advanced AI: Detects multiple faces in videos and creates a video collage, ensuring all participants are visible.
    • Translation: Provides AI translation features that translate video content with subtitles into different languages.
    • Quick Responses: One can create 10+ viral clips in seconds without compromising video quality
    • Image and Text: One can add images and text to the video and make it different and better from other video.

    Get Started With Vizard AI

    To avail the benefits it has to offer, the user first needs to follow the access procedure. So here is how one can access the vizard AI tool. 

    • With the help of an internet connected device, open a browser 
    • Visit the official Vizard AI site.
    • Once the dashboard appears, one may need to sign up to the account. 
    • Once logged in the user needs to upload the video on the given space.
    • Hence, now they can start their AI editing easily.

    Note: The user may also start the video editing without any sign up process that too for free. But it is a one time offer only. 

    How does Vizard AI work? 

    The working procedure of the AI tool is quite simple and easy. All the user needs to follow is the above mentioned access procedure. Well, then Users upload their videos to the Vizard AI platform. Artificial intelligence analyzes video content and identifies the most important moments. It then automatically creates clips based on selected parameters such as clip length and language. Users can still edit clips by changing subtitles, colors and more before finishing the project.

    Is Vizard AI free? 

    Yes, vizard AI offers a free plan as well. But it comes with limited features. It is a good choice for people who need quick access to basic video editing tools. At the same time the tool consists of a pricing plan as well.

    • Free Plan: Provides basic features with some limitations such as watermarks and limited export quality.
    • Creator Plan: Designed for individual creators who need additional features, higher upload limits and no watermark.
    • Professional Plan: Designed for professional content creators and agencies. It offers the highest transfer limits and 4K export quality.

    Disclaimer: All the information related to Vizard AI is well researched. It is provided for informational purposes only. Furthermore, one may visit and use the AI benefits before relaying on the given information.


    In conclusion, Vizard AI is an online AI based video editing tool. It makes the tiring video editing work to be done with more ease. Its features, easy to use process and less time taking activity makes it more popular. The AI tool is quite helpful when it comes to doing work. One can spend less time editing and more time to create new videos. It helps to grow the presence on various video based platforms. It boosts the engagement as well. Moreover, as AI is taking over every little part of our living. So, it is necessary to use the site for beneficial and positive requirements.